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Questions about the Zika virus, a virus spread by daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes.

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How to decide on travel to possible Zika zone while pregnant

Anyone with first hand knowledge about traveling to Argentina while 4 months pregnant? The CDC states that Argentina is a Level 2 Alert country (Practice Enhanced Precautions) and pregnant women ...
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Does papaya really work against Dengue, Malaria and other mosquito borne diseases?

Papaya leaves have long been considered a natural cure for Dengue and Malaria. And at the same time many say it's an old wive's tale with no scientific proof. The plant does contain phytochemicals (...
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What's the cutoff age for concern with the Zika virus in infants?

CNN is reporting that there is a potentially serious outbreak of this "Zika virus." From all the blogs and articles out there on Zika, it is obvious that this virus is a serious threat to pregnant ...
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