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Why is Mannose elevated in people with candida infections?

I recently read a study (Monson & Wilkinson, 1981) that said mannose in body fluids can be an indicator of an invasive candida infection and I was wondering why mannose would be elevated, is it an ...
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How does coffee affect blood sugar levels?

My girlfriend has a question: Trying to figure out (on my own) if I have a problem with my blood sugar. To that effect I have just bought a home testing kit to run post-meal sugar test (like they ...
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Why does a yeast infection burn?

I am new to this site and not entirely sure how much background knowledge I should posses in order to ask questions. However, I am curious as to why a yeast infection burns and itches? What is the ...
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Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide washes effective home remedies for yeast infections? Safe?

I have a low immune system so I'm prone to a lot of yeast infections. What are some some DIY/home remedies for treating yeast infections? I know that yogurt is pretty effective, and I've heard that ...
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What mechanisms of action plausibly explain the correlation between SIBO and a CRC? [closed]

Doctors who treat gut conditions have found that Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) and Candida-Related-Complexes (CRC) often occur in the same people, but as far as I am aware, which, if ...
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Can you get a yeast infection in your mouth from oral sex?

I recently had sex with a woman who seems to have had a yeast infection. That's what I thought, because she had lots of white dots in her vagina and my doctor told me that this is a fungus. I've seen ...
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