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How is moistness balanced with avoiding overgranulisation, in wound care?

Assuming that infection, bleeding are taken care of, and/or for the purposes of this question can be ignored: I am trying to gain an understanding of an aspect of wound care I don't yet really ...
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How long would it take to heal from a flogging in a medieval setting, with the best medical care available?

I'm writing a short story in a medieval fantasy setting in which a character is badly beaten, to the point of unconsciousness. Assuming his survival, approximately how long would it realistically take ...
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Does the amount of bleeding from a wound have any effect on the risk of Tetanus?

I have heard people say that if you get a puncture wound, you won't get tetanus if you can make it bleed. Example: see here, the third point under "But is a tetanus shot really necessary?" Tetanus ...
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Is it indeed forbidden to clean a rabies wound with alcohol?

I've listen to a lecture of a Russian doctor who said that "it is forbidden to clean a rabies wound with alcholol" ("spirt") as a first treatment, he added that it is possible to disinfect the wound ...
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How do sterile bandages stay sterile if the packaging can absorb and release air?

I was at a store that had large hospital- and field grade medical bandages. Think stuff EMTs and field medics would work on somebody with: 5x12ish and quickclot and other stuff. They had several large ...
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Does alternating silicone sheets with silicone gel yield a better scar reduction than using silicone sheets or silicone gel alone?

ScarAway's packaging mentions (ScarAway is one of the main brands for silicone gels and silicone sheets in the United States): For best results: Use as part of a complete scar treatment regimen, ...
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Mammals instinctively lick their wounds. There are benefits and risks. If your immune system is healthy, is it wise to lick your wounds?

Wikipedia writes: Wound licking is an instinctive response in humans and many other animals to lick an injury. Dogs, cats, small rodents and primates all lick wounds.[1] Saliva contains tissue ...
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How long will it take for pink skin after the falling of the scab to return to normal colouration?

About two weeks ago, I had a (minor) accident which thankfully did not result in any major damage to my bones or my joints, but which did leave me with a rather large wound near and below my elbow. It ...
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Does anaerobic exercise impair wound healing?

Anaerobic exercise causes muscle breakdown, forcing the body to engage in protein synthesis. Wound repair consists mostly of protein synthesis. It would seem that these two processes would compete ...
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What is the optimum application of petroleum jelly on a wound to help minimize scarring?

Looking at different sites online, I am having difficulty finding a clear, consistent information on the use of petroleum jelly to promote healing and minimize scarring. What criteria should be ...
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