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Eight (wisdom) teeth extraction in Germany

My eight tooth (on the bottom :) ) has made its way through gingiva, and it has grown in the direction of 7th tooth. That makes difficult to clean food remains from the place of contact of 7th and 8th....
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Impacted wisdom tooth

I have a impacted wisdom tooth. I am thinking about having a dentist extract it. What are the pros and cons when your molar is being extracted?
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Pain after root canal treatment

Can there be pain in a tooth which has undergone root canal treatment about 3 years ago, due to breaking the crown of the tooth? I would think that it should not, because the root nerve to the tooth ...
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Why drinking unflavored sparkling water has such an aggressive effect on teeth?

I would say it because of the erosion of the enamel by its carbonated acid, but is it really the case?
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Can wisdom tooth cause hip ache? [closed]

I went to a doctor a few days ago for a chronic ache at the left hip. She performed some kinesiology tests on me and said that's the wisdom tooth position that influenced my hip and causes me pain. ...
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