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Hot weather as a trigger for sleep attacks

According to this article, hot weather can be a trigger for excessive daytime sleepiness in the case of narcolepsy. I have been trying to find more about a correlation between hot weather and ...
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What's the best time of year to purposely contract COVID? [closed]

Before the vaccine for German measles was available, girls were encouraged to expose themselves to a friend or acquaintance who had the disease, to acquire immunity, so that they would not end up ...
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Can a healthy baby / new born be carried longer when the weather is hot if carried skin to skin against its father's chest?

First of all I'm not a medical specialist at all, but still I hope my question is precise enough to be answered. One day I asked a General Practitioner if a father could go outside with his baby / ...
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Ankylosing Spondylitis early diagnosis [closed]

My girlfriend is 22 and has a condition of ankylosing spondylitis. She has to take pain killers every day, especially when the weather is more humid or cold, otherwise her lower back keeps hurting. ...
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Why does my nose run like a faucet when I'm outside in blustery wet weather?

What about cold blustery wet weather makes my nose run like crazy? I've read online that it's because the air is dry... but I live in Vancouver and it's super damp here so I'm not sure that's why my ...
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Why/How does the change in weather trigger arthritic pain and migraines?

There is that old wives' tales: "I can feel it (storm coming) in my bones." But I actually find, at least for me, that this is somewhat accurate. What is it about the change in the weather that causes ...
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How to solve the problem of dry lips

I speak quite a lot in my job, get my mouth dry, so I drink some water. But my lips get extremely dry. Are there some ways to prevent it? I live in a subtropical weather, temperatures range from 0 ...
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Can walking barefoot on cold floors cause kidney problems?

If a toddler goes barefoot most of the day on cold floors, can that lead to a kidney infection? The child is always dressed warmly but refuses to wear anything on feet. Now being winter, and moved to ...
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Constipation during cold weather

I'm a Male late twenties living in the tropics. Over the past couple of years I get very bad constipation during the cold season. Drinking more water / fibre doesn't seem to help much. What is the ...
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Why does the flu only happen in winter?

I can understand that our immune system may be weaker when we are cold (?), but since these viruses live inside a human body which internal temperature is constant over the year, why does the season ...
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Up to what temperature can you work without damaging yourself?

Currently here in the Netherlands we're having quite warm weather, I work in a greenhouse in which temperature's rise quite fast. I had to work in 40 degrees Celcius (104 Fahrenheit) last weekend. ...
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