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How likely is it to get Leptospirosis from running or walking in an urban setting in rainy days?

According to this article from the CDC, "People who enjoy outdoor activities where freshwater or wet soil are encountered may be at risk for leptospirosis. This includes swimming, kayaking, ...
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Do people with higher metabolism walk faster?

I once came across a claim that people naturally walk at a speed that results in the least energy expenditure per distance travelled. Walking too slow would result in burning more energy for basic ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Does walking daily cause knee joint damage?

Now a days, doctors suggest to do brisk walk atleast 30 minutes daily, but I have seen few older people who undergone knee surgeries which I think is because of walking more than others. If it is not ...
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Is there science backing the claim that walking barefoot is healthier than walking with shoes?

I keep hearing about the benefits of walking barefoot. One benefit I hear is that walking barefoot "[allows] us to synchronize with the earth’s natural electric charge" (source). This sounds like BS ...
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Is it normal to sweat while walking (even when it's cold outside)? [closed]

It's autumn, and the temperature is like 8°C outside. I walk to my office everyday, it's about 10 minutes distance, my speed is a little bit faster than leisure walk. I wear a T, a sweater and a ...
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6 votes
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Walking as a healthy habit for the aged and my doctor's thoughts on it

Nowadays, many doctors recommend old people, who cannot do gym or such huge physical fitness exercises, to walk, as walking is considered and a clinically proven very good way to keep good health for ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How to measure body fitness

I am wondering if here is any clue/algorithm/generally well recognized equation to measure body fitness according to/considering average daily/periodic step count data, walking distance, sports and ...
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Walking and running for venis varicose

Veins varicose occurs in the people, who walk slowly (slow walking is also known as "standing" and there is a question asking for how much of slow walking is bad) for the long time. I however see that ...
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can walking practice really cure people who walk pigeon toed?

and is this true in all cases? cause i have been pigeon toed all my life, and lately people have started commenting on it so much that it's starting to bother me. About 10 years ago when i was in high ...
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Are older people more likely to have hemorrhoids problem? [closed]

Is it true that older people (60+) are more likely to have hemorrhoids dropping out while walking long distance, over 30 minutes?
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Are big city residents healthier due to walking? (all else roughly equal)

Is there any study that explores whether people in big cities physically exert themselves more as part of their daily routine to the benefit of their physical health? My thinking is this: people ...
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