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What is injected into the IV to wake a patient up from general anesthesia?

In my previous 16 surgeries in the United States, I eventually woke up from general anesthesia on my own -- it took a few hours after surgery for me to wake, but I woke up naturally in "Recovery." ...
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Why is it harder to get up when forced to wake up?

I only noticed this for quite a while now but never considered it much of a problem but I noted that when I'm forced awake (i.e. someone wakes me up) I feel significantly drowsier versus when I wake ...
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Ejaculating while sleeping [closed]

I've been ejaculating huge amounts of semen overnight, and I have to wake up and change my clothes and clean up before I can go back to sleep. Is there something I can do to prevent ejaculation ...
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How to open my partially closed ear?

Some weeks back, my left ear was closed partially when I woke up in the morning.Now I hear less from that ear. What could have happed to my ear? Is there any way to open it?
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After recovering from a cold, I always wake up with some phlegm in my throat

I used to never have to clear my throat after waking up, but around 4 months ago I caught a cold that took a long time to clear up. Now when I wake up, I always find that my throat needs clearing. It ...
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My leg sometimes feels non-existent after I wake up

I do not have any serious medical condition that I know of. Sometimes when I wake up, my left leg feels as if it doesn't exist, or is made out of jelly, when I wake up. It has resulted in some pretty ...
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Why do I wake up so many times in the middle of the night

I am 31 years old and for many years I wake up between 5-8 times at night and I have to switch from one side to another. I don't have any issue of falling back to sleep. For me it feels that I am ...
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Are moving "ghosts" after waking up normal or it is sign of disorder? [closed]

Sometimes when I wake up I see moving silhouette of a human in my room. It lasts roughly 3–4 seconds. Then it fades away. These silhouettes have no detail, so I cannot sort out its faces or any ...
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What are some examples of illnesses that require you to get up in the middle of the night?

Some people with diabetes get up during the night to test their blood sugar levels. If they don't do this, it is possible that they can pass away in their sleep. There is another question here ...
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Actions During Sleepwalking

I am a high school student doing a biomedical engineering project about sleepwalking. For my project, I am prototyping a novel healthcare solution to prevent lengthened periods of sleepwalking in ...
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How to schedule bowel movements? [closed]

I've had trouble sleeping for nearly 6 years now. I have had this lingering suspicion that maybe my sleep issues might have something to do with digestion but only recently confirmed it by keeping a ...
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Elevated glucose right after waking up

After a recent blood test that showed elevated fasting glucose (110mg/dl) and elevated triglycerides (~335mg/Dl), I got myself an Accu-check glucose tester and started regular testing to try to figure ...
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Any advice to sleep 7-8 hours? [closed]

I have 24 years, I am in this forum for suggestions, I've never had trouble sleeping, but last year I slept badly because I didn't prepare well for tests and I almost always had to study the last days ...
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Dehydration after a nights sleep

After a nights sleep I wake up with a headache which is slightly relieve after a drinking water although I still feel tired and fuzzy headed for the rest of the day. The headaches started to occur ...
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How to know if ( or when) I fall asleep?

Sometimes when I wake up from a nap, I don't even know whether I fell asleep in the first place. As a person who doesn't take naps as a habit, I need to take efficient naps when I'm tired and need ...
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