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Can a giant gummy bear (approx. 5 x 2 in.) give me diabetes?

I was given a giant gummy bear for my birthday. I ate it in one sitting, just a few days ago. And then, I searched Google about diabetes. Now, there are three things troubling me. Soon after I ate the ...
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I easily get motion sickness/nausea/vomit when riding a bus [closed]

I know this sounds kinda weird for some reason but whenever I heard that we are having a long trip via bus I get a slight nausea eventhough we are not yet on the bus The symptoms triggers even when I ...
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Metallic taste and excessive salivation before vomiting

Is it normal to salivate profusely and have a strong bloody metalic taste before vomiting? This is coupled with orange yellow liquid vomit that also seems to have clear mucus mixed in. This is after ...
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General purpose vomit response control?

Is there a general purpose antiemetic for vomit response control? Many vomit control solutions are focused on specific causes for the vomiting. Some common causes of nausea/vomiting: Cancer ...
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Being drunk, how does vomiting help become responsive?

When people get intoxicated with alcohol (as in: they had way too much), they sometimes feel very bad, and while they are awake, they stop being responsive and cannot communicate. In that state, ...
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Does FPIES ever present with widespread non-specific intolerance?

FPIES (Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) is a non-IgE mediated response to proteins. We have an infant that has had classic severe acute FPIES reaction to poultry. In addition, every food ...
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Does vomiting while feeling nausea from stomach flu make it easier or harder for the body to recover?

I was talking with somebody who believes that when having stomach flu (gastroenteritis) and feeling nausea, you should try to vomit. This person's theory is that the stomach flu virus makes some foods ...
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Why not induce vomiting after accidental pills intake?

I've read that one should not induce vomiting after an overdose of pills. The only reasonable explanation I found is that caustic substances may damage the esophagus (does not apply here) the vomit ...
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Took a daily prescription pill but vomited shortly after [closed]

Lets say a person is sick with the flu currently. They also take a regular daily prescription pill which should only be taken once a day. Scenario: Fred takes his prescription pill today, but then ...