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What would be visual acuity of a person if he can can read all letters of 20/25 and most of 20/20 on Snellen chart?

Suppose this is the Snellen chart: And you measure your normal visual acuity using correct rules (i.e., placing it at 6 meters distance, in observation of an examiner in hospital. And suppose you can ...
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What is the distribution of corrected visual acuity?

While talking with friends about retina displays, resolution of TVs in relation to viewing distance, and so on, I pointed out that not everyone goes periodically to the eye doctor, unless the ...
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What is the angular resolution of the 'ideal' human eye?

The visual acuity page on wikipedia suggests 1.8 arcmin @ 1km away (but says nothing about the relationship expected between distance and angular resolution) whilst the page on angular resolution ...
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