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Is there any truth behind violent & risky (suicidal) behavior occurring with lunar cycles, i.e. full moons? Why (if actually true)?

Rumors have been perpetuated that emergency rooms and jail cells are full during full moons due to increase in risky and violent behaviors. Is this just an urban legend or is there any merit of truth ...
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control anger with persons [closed]

I am human,I have feelings and I can't overcome my anger alone.I have anger in my mind with some persons who went(and maybe will) and make bad things to me. I didn't do anything yet. I don't know If ...
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Is there a pattern of increased aggression/violent behaviors in hotter climates? Scientific Research? Mixed reviews

I've heard it several times before that hotter climates regions of the world often have more individuals that exhibit more aggression and violent behavior than colder climates do (that is not to say ...
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