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Is there a specific name for experiencing vertigo on sloping floors? [closed]

I wasn't sure where to ask this or what tags to use, but this seemed like the right place. Is there a specific name for experiencing vertigo-like symptoms when on sloping/tilted floors, almost like ...
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Long-term effects of Vestibular Neuritis

The symptoms of Vestibular Neuritis (VN) are known to lessen or disappear over a much longer period of time than, say, a typical headache or migraine. I know that there are at least potential long ...
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Can antacids cause ear crystals (which can cause dizzines)?

I checked into what ear crystals are made of, and it is Calcium Carbonate. I also checked the main ingredient of the antacid I frequently take for heartburn, and... it is Calcium Carbonate! My ...
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My mom is experiencing strong vertigo [closed]

My mom had 2 episodes of severe vertigo in the last 2 weeks. First one started one morning, and she had to lay in bed for 3-4 hours before it subsided, it kept spinning even when she's lying in bed ...
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I easily get motion sickness/nausea/vomit when riding a bus [closed]

I know this sounds kinda weird for some reason but whenever I heard that we are having a long trip via bus I get a slight nausea eventhough we are not yet on the bus The symptoms triggers even when I ...
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What can I do to protect myself against Labyrinthitis recurral? [closed]

I recently suffered an extreme, but luckily short bout of Labyrinthitis and as described in that Wikipedia page, the doctor did not diagnose the cause, nor try and treat the underlying problem, but ...
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Is rest necessary, recommended, or unnecessary in a mild Ménière's episode?

During a full-blown Ménière's episode, the patient can basically do nothing, so the question does not even occur. But what about mild events in a patient with a Ménière's diagnosis? I am asking ...
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