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Can repeated exposure to bee venom induce some allergy or worsen actual ones?

Are there any scientific studies bringing answers to question if repeated exposure to bee venom ca induce some allergy or worsen actual ones? How about health of long time beekeepers?
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Snake bite & setting it on fire

I heard this from some people in my village that snake venom catches fire like diesel fuel. And they said, one can make a li'l cut around the wound and set it on fire as an immediate action to get ...
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Bitten by a Hobo Spider. How serious? Going to off-hour clinic tomorrow, but should I go to the ER now? [closed]

Sometime last night I was bitten by what appeared to be a Hobo spider! I live in Vancouver, British Columbia (Pacific Northwest). At first, the bite didn't hurt too much, but hours later, the ...
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Is hemotoxic snake venom safe to ingest? [closed]

I have heard that snake venom is safe to ingest. Normally when I hear about this it is about hemotoxic venoms such as that of a rattlesnake. The argument towards snake venom being safe to ingest is ...
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Is it ok to run (slowly) with a swollen foot (just an allergic reaction to a sting)?

I have read that those allergic reactions are mainly excess of water in tissues. Would it help to do some exercise, and since it's quite swollen (I got sting 3 hours ago by something, the pain is ...
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Spider Bite : Swelling every 12 months - why? [closed]

My father was bitten by a spider on the left side of his forehead in 1989 while visiting America. The type of spider was never identified but the swelling was severe (almost baseball sized). He ...
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First aid measures for a snake bite

If a person is bitten by a snake, what first aid measures should be taken to prevent the venom from spreading all over the body until the proper medical help arrives?
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