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Have there been any medically verified records of individuals with parts of their bodies paralyzed for years that eventually got healed?

The title pretty much says it all and should be enough, but I'm honestly asking the question motivated by an alleged case of healing that went viral in 2010. The description of the case is presented ...
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1 answer

Can I save road accident victims with my bare hands?

I recently saw a video on a news channel where people were taking selfies and recording video of the victims of a car accident. The victim ended up dying because no one helped him. It got me ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Medical term for headbanging inability post-car-crash condition [closed]

I would like to know the name of the brain (sub)condition whereby after a car accident, you are unable to shake your head in vigorous back and forth or side to side headbanging activity head movements ...
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Does reclining the front or back seat of a car reduce the effectiveness of the seat belt?

I wonder whether reclining the front or back seat of a car reduces the effectiveness of the seat belt in case of an accident. Example of reclined front seats: Example of a reclined back seat:
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What is the correct brace position for car accidents?

What is the correct brace position (a.k.a. crash position) for car accidents? The Wikipedia page on brace position focuses on airplane accidents. ...
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