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Nasal congestion on wakeup in healthy individuals vs. vasomotor rhinitis sufferers

How common is it for healthy individuals to wake up with one nostril congested to the point where there is no airflow through that nostril, and respiration takes place solely through the other nostril?...
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Using non steroid nasal drops [closed]

After light usage for a maximum of five days, I'd like to know for how long should we have a break from taking non steroid nasal drops like Otrivin to avoid addiction. An example of light usage I mean ...
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Can oresol electrolyte rehydration relievers relieve a runny nose caused by sinusitis? [closed]

I have had sinusitis since childhood, and it got worse after having covid 19, I used to have frequent runny nose, it made me very uncomfortable, but everything got better when I used oresol (...
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What is the difference between Rhinitis, nasal congestion and runny nose?

Rhinitis, nasal congestion and runny nose → from prior reading on these terms I recognize somewhat inconsistency in regards to how people define them or use them in various articles. I personally ...
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