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Does vasodilation in one part of the body mean another part of the body must vasoconstrict?

The body has a set volume of blood, so when someone is given nitrates to vasodilate (primarily) their veins, would this not increase the total volume of the vessels in the body? If this is the case, I ...
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What are safe vasodilators to help prevent chilblains?

Chilblains - Wikipedia are typically caused by too rapid heating of cold toes, whether induced by environmental cold or by poor circulation. Cold feet put into warm water can feel painful, like they ...
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4 votes
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What is the difference between vasoconstriction and contractility?

I was reading few articles that mention stress induced cortisol may contribute to vasoconstriction and contractility as if they are different. I did some searches on vasoconstriction and ...
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Topical corticosteroids on penis vasoconstriction

If you apply topical corticosteroids to the penis (due to medical indication), can these cause local vasoconstriction and can the vasoconstriction be bad for sexual health (erections)? Or does the ...
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Is topical corticosteroid vasoconstriction temporary?

If topical corticosteroids cause vasoconstriction, is it always only temporary? Does it always return to its original state or even more dilatated?
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