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How can men become pregnant? [closed]

Apparently men can get pregnant now? I'm a man; how can I have a baby? I don't have a uterus; doesn't that mean I can't be pregnant?
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Outcomes after uterine rupture

There are several sources that list the uterine rupture rate during attempted vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) as <=1%. But what happens after that? Stated another way, in the case of a ...
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Examination: sonographic evaluation of abdomen and pelvis - report

Can someone explain the medical terms in this report of ultrasound investigation? Examination: sonographic evaluation of abdomen and pelvis Clinical complaint of right hypochondriac region ...
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Can removing a contraceptive implant cause secondary amenorrhea?

When a woman stops taking birth control medication, she might suffer from various side effects. Can secondary amenorrhea (i.e. missing periods for more than 3 months) be induced by the removal of a ...
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Is menstruation manageable?

For individuals with heavy flow, menstruation can be extremely taxing. Are there ways of managing duration and heaviness of the menstruation? I know that ibuprofen is prescribed, but how about ...
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Can a woman tell which ovary, during ovulation, released the egg? Can she feel pain (due to follicle rupture) particular to one side?

During ovulation, one of the de-graaf-follicles in one of woman's ovaries will rupture and release a mature egg, which will then descend through the Fallopian tubes and into the uterus, where it will ...
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Benefits of low hemoglobin in high altitude populations

Tibetans living at high altitudes have red blood cell levels and hemoglobin levels similar to those of lowlanders at sea level — and as a consequence of the low oxygen levels at those altitudes, ...
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OBGYN wants to insert IUD (Mirena) to treat my painful periods, but should I be worried by all the recent lawsuits?

My OBGYN could not officially diagnosis me with endometriosis without performing a laparoscopy (a surgery), and he wants to avoid that at all cost, and he says, even if I had endometriosis, the ...
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Occurrence rate of positional TEV vs clubfoot

I have not seen any data on this, perhaps because there is no reliable way to diagnose TEV as positional. However, is there anything that demonstrates how many congenital TEV/Clubfoot cases are ...
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How long does it take for the vagina to return to the way it was after giving birth?

After giving birth vaginally, how long does it generally take for the vagina to return to the state it was before?
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Can removal of internal organs (such as in hysterectomy) affect the posture of the body or the stomach?

A friend of mine had a partial hysterectomy operation (her womb was removed but the ovaries were left in place). She has had some weight gain in her abdominal area since then. She feels that some of ...