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Are polyuria and diuresis different, and if so, how?

Polyuria - Wikipedia states: Polyuria (/ˌpɒliˈjʊəriə/) is excessive or an abnormally large production or passage of urine (greater than 2.5 L[1] or 3 L[6] over 24 hours in adults). Increased ...
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Different names for eGFR measurement

I had a look at our hospital database and found out that we have the below measurements Estimated Glomerular Filtration ml/min Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate ml/min Estimated ...
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What's the mechanism of urinating?

I googled and read about the kidneys, bladder, and urethra but no source explains the dynamic process. From my own personal experience, the process has four stages: The muscles are in normal mode. ...
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Can two different medications in the same bottle contaminate one another.

Last week, I went to my pain control doctor, I came up positive for an opiate I do not take. The gal who works for me, asks Me all the time if sheshe can put her pills in my pill bottle. We do manual ...
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Is the Zimnitsky Urine Test used in the West at all? What tests are used instead?

The Zimnitsky Urine Test (Проба по Зимницкому) is a test used in Russia to assess the kidneys' capacity for concentration of urine. Here's one English-language description (choose "select all" ...
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Why does urine analysis require "fresh" urine?

What are the reasons behind the need to have urine at morning just after waked up or at least three hours after latest urination? [Italian source]
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How to deal with dehydrating medicine

If a person is dehydrated by something that cannot be gotten rid of, and drinking a lot of water solves some parts of dehydration but not others, due to losing the water by freqent urination, what ...
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Will gout finally make patella thinner and thinner if uric acid level has kept being high for long periods?

My uric acid level has been high and hasn't been able to return back to below normal point for several years. Since two years ago, my knees have been suffering a lot, which makes me limp. MRI shows ...
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Blood in urine without seeing it...?

I came from my doctor and he did a urine sample and said there was blood in my urine. I've never seen "blood" in my urine or had any issues with my kidneys so I was perplexed by this. Is this ...
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Sterile urine, but UTIs?

If urine is sterile, why do people warn that refraining from urination too long will cause a bladder infection or urinary tract infection?
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What exactly are the health risks of using public swimming pools?

I read this article few days ago. Long story short: people pee in swimming pools. A lot. The article itself got only this short paragraph related to health risks: However, while urine is sterile, ...
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Can urinary tract infection be treated by inducing urination?

Urinary tract infection causes dysconfort by giving the urge to urinate even with empty bladder. The one time I had the symptoms (blood in urine, urge to urinate again), I forced myself into drinking ...
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What can cause foamy urine other than protein?

I have got foamy urine for half a year and I recently feel obvious pain and burp after urine. However, when I use a urine test stick to test my urine (sold here), everything goes fine (no protein, no ...
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What does it mean if my urine test is positive for ketones, hemoglobin, and leukocytes?

What would be some of the reasons/explanations as to why one's urine test would test positive for ketones, hemoglobin, and leukocytes? I'm not even sure what ketones and leukocytes are. Thanks.
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Urine for Mouthwash

I have heard of people using urine as a mouthwash. There are a lot of claims that it helps to cure a variety of dental problems, such as gum inflammation. So far, I can only find anecdotal evidence. ...
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What does it mean for a medication to be "hard for the liver" or "hard on the kidneys"?

We often hear that a medication is "hard for the liver" or "hard on the kidneys". What does that really mean? What about when a person takes vitamin pills? Is that also hard on the liver or kidneys?...
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Testing pH levels through urine or saliva

I am attempting to discover the role of pH in contributing to my mysteriously fluctuating chronic symptoms, including small and large intestine problems (apparent Candida, SIBO, etc.), male ...
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Is fecal occult blood test (EZ Detect) effective if urine is in the toilet bowl?

The patient used an EZ Detect fecal occult blood test. The test was positive. She saw a tiny blue circle on the piece of paper indicating trace of blood in her stool. But, she indicated there was ...
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What are the common causes of excess protein (1 g) in the urine for kidney donors?

I am looking for common causes in diet or lifestyle or other conditions such as hypertension, rather than malfunction in the active (single) kidney. Apart from medical management, what are some ...
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Is dry urine sterile?

I'm male, and I've noticed that when I urinate, there's sometimes a small amount of splatter which hits my legs and pants. I try to avoid this, but it seems impossible to avoid entirely. Once dry, is ...
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If I drink a lot of alcohol, will my urine be flammable?

Well, maybe not pure alcohol, but let's say someone who had a heavy night of drinking and didn't drink water but only flammable beverages... Is there any chance his or her urine could be flammable?
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Is it safe to drink urine when you have nothing else to drink?

What if there was a situation where someone had no water to drink or food to eat. Would it be safe for them to drink their own urine? What are the possible risks of doing this? Could there be any ...
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Why does my antibiotic make my urine yellow?

When I was given antibiotics for fever by my doctor, I noticed that my urine is unusually yellow. Why is that?
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