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Can holding pee cause kidney damage?

Suppose a person, drank 400ml-800ml of water, and he pees after 6 hours, when he wakes after sleep in the night. Keeping that context I'm concerned, if this could cause kidneys to damage (or fail!). ...
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What causes the urge to urinate at a physiological level?

Can someone describe what causes a human the urge to urinate? I understand that it's highly correlated with bladder volume, but it is not causal as bladder spasm can occur even when very little urine ...
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2 answers

Urinating while excreting

Can passing faeces and urinating occur at the same moment and if not, why? Now I don't have any medical knowledge really or background but the only conclusion I can come to is that faeces press ...
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Sterile urine, but UTIs?

If urine is sterile, why do people warn that refraining from urination too long will cause a bladder infection or urinary tract infection?
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why feel urge to urinate when riding a pirate ship

A pirate ship is an amusement ride that throw people up and down. Why the sense of acute acceleration, hypogravity and hypergravity make me feel an urge to urinate, even if my bladder is empty?
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Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney & Liver Disease

My Mother is having ADPKD in both kidney and liver. Is there any medicine for this disease. Over the time, the liver has swelled a bit and the bulge is quite visible. I recently took her to doctor ...
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Is decaffeinated coffee a diuretic?

Caffeine is a known diuretic, stimulates urine production, and I have even seen "potential dehydration" as one of the arguments in the perennial "is coffee good or bad" debate. It also changes blood ...
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Is this normal urinating?

Is it normal for men to have to push, retrieve, push, retrieve at the end of urinating to get the last of it out? It's happens like 6 times or more, and it shoots out lines of pee, and I'm wondering ...