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What is considered a high but safe amount of D-mannose before causing kidney damage? [closed]

I'm currently taking a product called: Vibrant Health - U.T. Vibrance, Crisis Intervention Formula, which suggests to take 5 grams of this product 4 times a day, so basically 20 grams a day for about ...
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Can holding pee cause kidney damage?

Suppose a person, drank 400ml-800ml of water, and he pees after 6 hours, when he wakes after sleep in the night. Keeping that context I'm concerned, if this could cause kidneys to damage (or fail!). ...
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Sterile urine, but UTIs?

If urine is sterile, why do people warn that refraining from urination too long will cause a bladder infection or urinary tract infection?
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Can urinary tract infection be treated by inducing urination?

Urinary tract infection causes dysconfort by giving the urge to urinate even with empty bladder. The one time I had the symptoms (blood in urine, urge to urinate again), I forced myself into drinking ...
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