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Is inducing a retrograde ejaculation harmful?

By applying pressure on the perineum just before ejaculation, a man can induce retrograde ejaculation in which the semen is redirected to the bladder. This is obviously different from unintentional ...
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Can josamycin be taken by a man? [closed]

I'm researching on such a component as josamycin. It is actively subscribed to women to treat urethral infection. The question is, can it be taken by men with the same effectiveness?
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6 votes
2 answers

Urinating while excreting

Can passing faeces and urinating occur at the same moment and if not, why? Now I don't have any medical knowledge really or background but the only conclusion I can come to is that faeces press ...
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What can cause foamy urine other than protein?

I have got foamy urine for half a year and I recently feel obvious pain and burp after urine. However, when I use a urine test stick to test my urine (sold here), everything goes fine (no protein, no ...
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Is this normal urinating?

Is it normal for men to have to push, retrieve, push, retrieve at the end of urinating to get the last of it out? It's happens like 6 times or more, and it shoots out lines of pee, and I'm wondering ...
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Can a cytoscopy be performed partially?

I have a recurring cyst on the foreskin. Prior to excision, my urologist wants to do a cystoscopy to ensure that the urethra isn't affected by the cyst. I've had this procedure done before, and to be ...
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