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Fructose question [closed]

See video: Why Fructose causes insulin resistance I'm confused. He mentioned fructose can turn into glucose. So, does it matter whether I eat fruits, if it can turn into glucose, which can be ...
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Transient duration for cholestorol medication

I understand that triglycerides levels are modulated / reduced by diet medications Assuming diet is not changed, and a very high (400+ mg / DL) is reduced to 150. How long (order of magnitude: 3 ...
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What fruits and vegetables will help lower triglycerides?

A physician stated that eating a couple apples every day could actually increase triglyceride levels. Is this correct? If so, how do you determine which fruits and vegetables will help lower ...
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Should high triglyceride level in blood be treated to prevent heart disease?

My question is whether triglyceride levels in the 'high' range (200-500 mg/dl) are a risk factor for heart disease. There are different lipids in blood and high LDL cholesterol level in blood needs ...
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