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Dengue fever carrier

Sparked by a Dengue infection on two of my off-site colleagues in India, I read up a little on this virus. Reading the Wikipedia article on Dengue fever, I saw that 80% of the infected people are ...
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Can I gain immunity against traveler's disease?

I need to visit Nepal every 2 years (at least). I was there 2 years ago and got very sick in the second week, basically stomach flu, probably salmonella or e.coli or both. I was there about a month ...
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Sanity checking airplane advice re DVT: walk every hour, 2-3 hours? OK to sleep?

Long plane flights carry a risk of DVT. It is easy to find advice on preventing DVT by being active: CDC says "walk around every 2-3 hours" and mentions that you should do this when traveling by car ...
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Travelling to country with endemic measels - Do I need MMR shot renewed?

I was born in 1993, received my first MMR vaccine in 1994 and the booster in 1997. I'm about to travel to a country where vaccination rates are lower, and as a result, measels outbreaks still happen ...
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How to decide on travel to possible Zika zone while pregnant

Anyone with first hand knowledge about traveling to Argentina while 4 months pregnant? The CDC states that Argentina is a Level 2 Alert country (Practice Enhanced Precautions) and pregnant women ...
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Foods/Drinks to avoid before and during a flight

I am a (recent) frequent flyer with at least 4 transatlantic trips/month. I have noticed that depending on the food I take just before or during the flight, this can have significant consequences on ...
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Can a pregnant woman travel 30 minutes when she is only 10 days pregnant?

If a woman is pregnant for only a week after she misses her period, can she travel 10 to 15 kilometers (6.2 to 9.3mi) in a car? Will travelling 10 kilometers affect the embryo?
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Instant nausea when boarding aircraft [closed]

Every time I am about to board a jet plane (your standard Boeing 737 for example) I am hit with instant debilitating nausea while inside the boarding ramp. (That enclosure that connects the aircraft ...
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How can I prepare my body for a trip by boat and don't get motion sickness?

I have just made a 3 hours trip by boat and it has been horrible. I have felt sick for the whole trip. I took a pill for motion sickness and although I think it worked at the beginning I just finished ...
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Can a person with a heart transplant fly safely, or should they consider an alternative form of transportation?

Could a person who had received a heart transplant move to/travel to another country (for example: From France to the United States)? The caveat being that they would have to set up another team of ...
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Effects of commuting on health

I've been trying to figure out whether or not my commute may be affecting my health in a major way. Does commuting have an effect on health in any way? If so, does it matter how long the commute is, ...