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Can DMSA be used in pacients with amalgam fillings? [closed]

Let's say a patient is suffering of chronic heavy metal poisoning by occupational exposure to mercury salts (HgCl2). Is it safe for this patient to undergo a DMSA detox protocol given the fact that he ...
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What is considered moderate when referring to (sub)acute hypertension, hyperthermia and tachycardia?

I'm reading about the toxicology of LSD, and the acute and subacute adverse effects (hypertension, hyperthermia, tachycardia) have been described as moderate in this article, modest in this article (...
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After effects of mercury vapor inhalation [closed]

I tried to find information about this online but unfortunately couldn't find anything besides more or less serious-looking articles. I'm not sure this is the right place to ask but I don't know where ...
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What are the indications for ethanol?

I am preparing a paper on an unrelated topic, but a point I am arguing is contingent upon knowing what the clinical indications are for alcohol. Now, I am going to preempt the confusion by simply ...
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Being drunk, how does vomiting help become responsive?

When people get intoxicated with alcohol (as in: they had way too much), they sometimes feel very bad, and while they are awake, they stop being responsive and cannot communicate. In that state, ...
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Should all the stuff be thrown away when moving out from a house with mold?

Can anything from a molded house be safely moved to a new house without any further harm for health? Can spores be wiped out from clothes and furniture?
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Are there any negative health effects associated with breathing in air surrounding sulphur hot springs?

Are there any negative health effects associated with breathing in air surrounding sulphur hot springs? I would be interested in what sort of gaseous compounds might be found in such air, which might ...
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Toxicity of nicotine vs potassium cyanide

I've heard that nicotine (contained in tobacco) is even more toxic than potassium cyanide (KCN, often used for suicide, at least in movies...). I tried to research a bit, but could not find any ...
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What's caused by the chemicals, and what's caused by the smoke

The great many downsides of smoking are certainly well-documented by now (to say the least), but something I've struggled to find an answer to is the following: When looking at health risks of ...
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