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Why doesn’t pain return after a tooth extraction once the local anesthesia wears off?

Tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from its socket, which can create a hole in the gum and jawbone and potentially cause pain. Local anesthesia is used during the procedure to numb the area ...
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Why are carbonated drinks contraindicated after extraction

So after the extraction of a tooth the dentists advice patients not to spit till the next hour(for primary clot formation), followed by ice cream or cold juice(for vasoconstriction). Also to have soft ...
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Playing badminton after tooth extraction [closed]

Is it advisable to play badminton after having a simple tooth extraction for one of my wisdom teeth? I have a tournament (I will be playing around 5 matches, I'm an intermediate player) in the coming ...
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Eight (wisdom) teeth extraction in Germany

My eight tooth (on the bottom :) ) has made its way through gingiva, and it has grown in the direction of 7th tooth. That makes difficult to clean food remains from the place of contact of 7th and 8th....
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Impacted wisdom tooth

I have a impacted wisdom tooth. I am thinking about having a dentist extract it. What are the pros and cons when your molar is being extracted?
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What are the implications of extracting a canine tooth without an immediate implant?

I have a canine that hurts even after a root canal; the evidence points towards a crack in the tooth. It looks like I'll need it extracted, but I'm not sure I can afford getting an immediate implant. ...
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Early Childhood Caries treatment

My 3 yo has Early Childhood Caries since he was around 1yo, 3 of his 4 upper teeth are rotten. I've asked around and the best solution from Dentists has been the recommendation of extraction of the 3 ...
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What is the safe temperature range for nylon sutures?

I got one of my teeth extracted. The dentist applied a suture using a nylon string. I've been advised to not eat hot food because the suture would melt. Now I'm wondering what is the maximum safe ...
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