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Can anyone help me find this case of a boy who died from an OR mistake during tonsillectomy?

I realize that this is obscure. In the 1990s, I remember reading an article in either Time or Newsweek about how a hospital that screwed up a tonsillectomy, resulting in the death of their young ...
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Does tonsillectomy increase the incidence of bronchitis in asthmatics as compared to sufferers of chronic Tonsillitis

Has having allergy induced asthma which can also be aggravated by intense exercise been shown to get worse after having tonsils removed in adult males? A common treatment for repeatedly getting ...
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Whatever happened to Tonsillitis?

70 or so years ago, kids all got their tonsils out. I have a family member who, when perfectly healthy, had them out (75 or more years ago) because his twin was having his out, and it would be too ...
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Chronic tonsillitis after tonsillectomy

A topic is rather strange right? Tonsillitis is an inflammatory condition of tonsils and there is pretty much nothing after the conventional tonsillectomy. Nevertheless this is what it seems to look ...
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Why is a tonsillectomy (tonsil-removal) typically more painful the older you are? Are the the pain nerves more advanced?

I had my tonsils removed in my mid twenties, and my doctors told me that it was going to be a lot more painful than if I had done it when I was just a lad. They were certainly correct!! Why is it ...
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Tonsillitis and tonsillectomy confusion

I have read the article here, and I am confused on why the tonsils have to be removed. Are tonsils removed when they themselves incur frequent/prolonged infection? The source I stated above does not ...
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