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Poop in a loop - why? [closed]

Excuse the pun in the title as I have a serious question. I understand that the Human body aims to maintain homeostasis, and that endeavour tends to result in cycles, such as the Human body's ...
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Can the Coronavirus be spread via public toilet seats?

I would like to know if it has been proven or disproven that the Coronavirus/COVID-19 can be spread via public toilet seats? I am thinking that perhaps I should always carry around hand sanitizer ...
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Do toilet bleach tablets prevent the spread of enteric diseases?

I am not a huge fan of adding bleach tablets to toilets, but my wife and I have experienced an unfortunate increase in stomach-related problems since we had children. Despite our attempts to regularly ...
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Is fecal occult blood test (EZ Detect) effective if urine is in the toilet bowl?

The patient used an EZ Detect fecal occult blood test. The test was positive. She saw a tiny blue circle on the piece of paper indicating trace of blood in her stool. But, she indicated there was ...
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