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What is the latest position on 'repositioning splints' for treating TMJ within the medical community?

One of the most popular treatments recommended for TMJ is a removable or fixed splint. I have read that there are four different types of splint, one being a 'Repositioning splint.' This splint is ...
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How to prevent teeth-grinding at night & TMJ (Jaw) pain? Mouth-guard causes dry-mouth & restless sleep. Alternative treatments? [closed]

I've always been an insomniac. However, I haven't always been a teeth-grinder. This is a recent development in the last 5 or years of so. It's so bad that someone sleeping across the room can hear me ...
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Can temporomandibular joint disorder cause sensorineural hearing loss?

Is the pain when walking or running with such a disorder an indicator that hearing loss is occuring or going to occur? Ear pain is considered a symptom for this disorder. Can that be an indicator of ...
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