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Do the frequencies inherent in tinnitus have any side effects?

I've heard that certain frequencies naturally have some autonomic effects in some people. I've also heard that tinnitus sometimes falls into that range. I can't really find much information on these ...
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Tinnitus caused due to random impulses?

Usually when I experience a sudden loud noise or silence I hear this sound.. Okay a website says this A common cause of tinnitus is inner ear cell damage. Tiny, delicate hairs in your inner ear ...
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Why does high blood pressure cause tinnitus?

There are multiple reports on the internet where people state that they got tinnitus from high blood pressure. Usually it is related to exertion or having an orgasm. Just wondering if anyone has t ...
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What's the prevalence of pulsatile tinnitus?

In Baomin et al (2014) it is written that "Although prevalence of pulsatile tinnitus is merely 4%", with a citation to Liyanage et al (2006). In Liyanage et al (2006) it is written that "Pulsatile ...
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Time necessary between two consecutive head CTs

A patient (male, 39) who has had head trauma and reports light headaches and strong tinnitus has had a brain CT scan done soon after symptom onsets (but 5 weeks after the trauma). No contrast agent ...
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Is my ENT specialist ripping me off?

I have been to an ENT specialist regarding my tinnitus problem several times, but each time she just insists on doing a hearing test, which appears to be the standard one where you put on headphones ...
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Why can't we "heal" Tinnitus by destroying the corresponding neurons?

So, my basic understanding is this: A neuron can either send a signal, or not. Sending a signal costs energy & work (and the neuron might only survive so and so many send-cycles). So let's say the ...
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