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Questions tagged [tingling]

For questions about tingling (a feeling sometimes described as "pins-and-needles", prickling or "falling asleep".) It is commonly associated with numbness. It can have a vascular or neurological etiology, or may be caused by a transient lack of oxygen or a chemical imbalance in the blood. Please add a separate tag for each symptom, and a tag for the cause of the problem if it is known.

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1 vote
1 answer

How does hyperventilation cause paresthesia and tetany?

As per this previous answer to "Why do I feel small stings all over my body in stress?", hyperventilation is known to cause tingling, numbness, or muscle spasms in your hands, feet, and ...
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Could being rear-ended result in numbness and tingling in my leg nearly two years later?

About a year and a half ago, I was rear-ended pretty hard. The car was totaled, and I sustained minor injuries on the left side of my body where the impact threw me against the driver's-side door. I ...
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