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What is the proper time to eat Vitamin B2 and B6?

I am usually told to take particular medicines before dinner or after dinner. Does this apply to Vitamin B2 and B6? More detailly, Should I eat them in 30 minutes near dinner (after longer time, ...
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Does Cholesterol Measurement vary throughout the day?

If cholesterol is mostly produced at night, is there any evidence on whether or not cholesterol tests (TC, LDL, HDL, etc) done early in the morning produce different results compared to doing them ...
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Does free sugar intake before meals cause more adverse effects than after them?

The WHO gives sugar intake recommendations in terms of percentage of energy intake. That, combined with some popular wisdom makes the think that it isn't the same if I eat, say a chocolate bar, before ...
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Why are we being advised to eat large breakfasts and small and early suppers?

The common advice is that people should eat large breakfasts (that are supposed to support energy for the whole day), medium-sized dinners and lunches, and to reduce supper to only a snack and eat it ...
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Vitamin C supplements before bed

So I heard that it is not recommended to take the vitamin C supplements before going to bed at night. Is that true, if so why?
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Can I drink Weight Gainer after Workout and Whey before bed?

I have this questions in my head and couldn't find the answers in google. So i am 171 cm with a weight of 68. Its Actually quite ideal. But I wanted to grow bigger. I've been using Nitrotech Whey ...
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How long after finishing meal will vitamins be well absorbed?

How long after finishing a meal will taking vitamin supplements work well (the vitamins will be absorbed in a sufficient amount) if the recommendation states that it should be taken with food?
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Sweet Tooth: Healthier to brush before/after eating sweets? Fluoride protection effective if used right before?

What is the optimal time-of-day (if one is to live a little and eat a sweet treat every now and then) for consuming a sugary goodie? Before or after brushing teeth? After: I assume everyone one ...
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The enamel of our teeth are softer/harder at various points in the day? Brushing after a meal harmful to enamel?

Growing up, I was always taught to brush my teeth after eating breakfast, but should I be brushing my teeth before breakfast? The reason why I brushed afterwards was to remove the food bits/taste ...
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When to take acidophilus pills?

How and when should acidophilus pills be taken? For example does it matter what time of day they should be taken or if they should be taken on an empty or full stomach?
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Why do nurses need special watches?

While looking for watches, I came in contact with the concept of a "nurse watch". This seems to be a whole "thing". A certain kind of watch appears to be called a "nurse watch&...
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