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Questions tagged [thermometer]

A thermometer is a device used to measure temperature of a substance or body. Related to: fever, hypothermia, heat stroke …

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How to mesure body temperature correctly?

I own a Geratherm thermometer. And the instructions say to hold it under the armpit for 4 minutes. When i follow the instructions, then my body temperature is 36,7 (not sick). I figured that holding ...
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Mercury fails to rise in thermometer

I have a mercury (Hg) thermometer manufactured by Ballo Thermometers (in Leesburg, Florida) circa May 1969. On the backside is printed “MICH 42”, which is apparently the name of its stereotype. The ...
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Fever lower limit ( 99.0 °F (37.2 °C) at armpit)... is it universal?

Surprisingly, all professional doctors, school-textbooks and other resources, consider as armpit temperatures: > 99 ° F (some-others > 98.6 &deg F) = Fever; = 99 ° F (Some-others = ...
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