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Do teeth have some sort of memory?

I have read of some cases where teeth moved after having been aligned with braces or similar procedures. Here is one of those sources The longer the amount of time since you’ve had braces, the less ...
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Is there a database with pictures of tooth shade determination procedures?

I'm starting to work with image processing trying to understand better tooth shade determination with VITA Classical A1-D4 scales. Is there any image DB with such images? I found a lot of medical and ...
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Are retainers preferred to fiberotomies after dental work and, if so, why?

Long ago, after years of wearing braces and expanders to correct some pretty severe problems, when they came off I received what I now know is called a fiberotomy on my top teeth only. I was also ...
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I've always worn my clear nighttime retainers religiously. Can I get my permanent metal retainers taken out?

I have a permanent metal retainer glued to the back of my top teeth. I have a second one glued to the back of my bottom teeth. They were put on immediately after my braces were taken off. Here's an ...
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Will swishing water in your mouth after meals widen teeth gaps?

I have a small gap between my middle two teeth, I recently started swishing water in my mouth since I find it very effective at removing food stuck in or in-between teeth. Is this a bad thing to do? ...
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Do adult braces have a medical need beyond cosmetics?

While middle/upper-class American parents often have their children get braces as teenagers, an adult getting braces out of his/her own volition could be viewed as a sign of vanity, much like plastic ...