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Effectiveness of blue light filters for preventing delayed and decreased melatonin secretion?

The iPhone offers a "night shift" feature. Research indicates that blue light exposure decreases melatonin secretion (e.g., Ferguson, Melton, Li, Park, & Tosini, 2008). To what extent do built-...
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Does cooling the skin reduce irritation from shaving?

Increasing age has increased the sensitivity of my grandfather's skin; so he asked me to pose the question entitled above, after seeing electronic shavers that cool the skin and questioning whether ...
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How do digital devices affect mood?

I'm particularly curious about research that's been done on smartphones. Please provide links to articles, books, research, etc...
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Are there any real-world application in a bone fracture detection program?

Sorry if I'm asking in the wrong community, but here's where I think I can reach more people in the medical field. I am in engineering, for a project in my uni, I thought of doing a research on ...
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The technological limitation of information extraction from a drop of blood

In light of the sentencing of Elizabeth Holmes just now, I would like to ask if there is a technological limitation for extracting the full spectrum of test information from a drop of blood. This ...
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Safety of radiation from baby monitor

I have always assumed baby monitors and all wireless technology to be completely safe and have been informed by a 'friend' that I have been endangering my children by using them. We used an RF ...
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Scientific Basis for Apple Watch Activity Rings

I have just started using an apple watch, and am finding that it's "activity rings" feature encourages me to: perform more than 30 minutes of exercise a day (green 'exercise' ring); move around ...
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Actions During Sleepwalking

I am a high school student doing a biomedical engineering project about sleepwalking. For my project, I am prototyping a novel healthcare solution to prevent lengthened periods of sleepwalking in ...
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What is "adaptive optics retinal imaging"?

A paper says To validate the effectiveness of using A-GAN for data augmentation, we assessed its performance on cell analysis in adaptive optics retinal imaging, which is a rapidly-changing medical ...
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List of Organs by Vascular Density?

Could anyone please give me a list of the major organs in the human body with their vascular densities? 3D models and pictures of such are available, but calculating how much which organ has is very ...
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What if we replace the DNA in stem cells with ours and we place the cells inside damaged organs to heal them?

I don't know a lot about stem cells or if a person's DNA could affect them in such a manner that if a person would have a damaged limb or organ, it would make it grow back with stem cell treatment.
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Are there any reasonably-priced technology to measure any part of your body to help cut the pressure garment precisely

I am not sure if this topic belongs here but could not find a more relevant stackexchange site. My kid is receiving a pressure garment treatment to recover from severe burn. However, cutting the ...
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Where to Download Brain Anatomy 3D Model?

I am doing a virtual reality simulation for endoscopic brain surgery. I need a medically accurate 3D model of a human head. It has to include all the veins, skull, muscles, nerves and brain anatomy. ...
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