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Can breaststroke be harmful for the back?

I heard many contradictory things related to the harm breaststroke can do to the back. (All during informal discussions. I have no references to include here, so my question). Some say swimming can ...
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Does a fungal infection transmit in swimming pools?

I've contracted a fungal infection on my nails. My doctor told me not to swim in swimming pools but in the ocean/lake, because swimming pools would make the infection worse and it could transmit to ...
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Can "Waterproof Swim Cap" be good for people with ear infections?

OK, I have an ear infection. The doctor says that I should not allow any water to go into my ears. However, I want to swim, but I don't want any water (even a tiny drop of water) go into my ears. So, ...
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What exactly are the health risks of using public swimming pools?

I read this article few days ago. Long story short: people pee in swimming pools. A lot. The article itself got only this short paragraph related to health risks: However, while urine is sterile, ...
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Are all Infants' Aquatic Instincts lost after 7ish months? Can they be maintained if skills are utilized often?

Babies have extraordinary instincts upon their arrival just into this world. It just happens naturally. One of these is of the swimming variety as witnessed in this video Underwater Baby Divers. Who ...
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Is it advisable to wear UV protected swimsuit that covers arms and legs for skin protection to an outdoor swimming pool?

Is it advisable to wear UV-protected swimsuit that covers arms and legs for skin protection to ward off skin cancer? Or is it too paranoid, given that most men and women wear swimming trunks / ...
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Do hydrophobic materials keep bacteria away from open after surgery wounds?

I recently had an operation in the perianal area leaving me with a seton stitch (open wound) indefinitely. I was told to avoid the sea due to potential infection. I am wondering whether using ...
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Is it possible to fall asleep while swimming?

Perhaps, if one had been active for hours and goes for a swim during the night, would it be possible for the person to fall asleep or get really sleepy?
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Is it safe to swim during the healing period of a nipple piercing?

I am a male and I am considering to get one of my nipples pierced. I swim regularly (4-5 times a week) in a swimming pool and I was wondering if there is any problem with swimming during the healing ...
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Are there effects of chlorine on abrasions?

Assume you happen to have some abrasions on your arm or leg and you want to swim in a swimming pool with chlorine. Does the contact with chlorine have negative (or positive) effects regarding healing ...
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Is it possible to immunize against bacteria?

In anticipation of going to a region with known prevalence of flesh eating bacteria, can an individual take antibiotics prior to going to prevent it from being contracted?
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