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How are performers able to "swallow" swords without harming their body?

While I recognize that most magicians and street performers that "swallow" swords are most likely doing an optical allusion, some people have actually done this correct? How is it possible for ...
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Why do people infected with rabies have a fear of water?

Hydrophobia comes to mind when thinking of individuals infected by rabies... But is there a scientific/medical explanation as to why rabies, specifically, causes a fear to water, specifically? Is it ...
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How would oral medication be given to patient in ICU that can't swallow?

How would oral medication be given to patient in ICU that can't swallow? I was told that the tablets are grind and put in water then provided through a tube. Is this true? How would the nurse know the ...
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Swallowed very little and porous plastic parts. Might it be dangerous?

I ate something with my headphones on, and after eating I noticed that the ear speaker lose their covering film. I noticed as after lunch I touched them and had little black particles of the cover in ...
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How come when I drink water really fast I get nauseous

How come when I drink water really fast I get nauseous then I burp and I feel better. What causes this?
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Liquid in Lungs? [closed]

So, here I was, eating and drinking in the car because my family didn't have time to stop and eat (we're on vacation) and, anyways, while I was swallowing my strawberry hi-c, I felt this odd, tickly ...
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Why do only men have Adam's Apples? What is it? What function does it serve?

Why do only men have Adam's Apples? What is it? I mean, I know what it looks like, but I don't understand what it is made up of and what role it plays in the male body. Is it the larynx?? What ...
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How can I tell if a fish bone is stuck in my throat?

So I had fish for dinner. I felt a sharp pain in my mouth, but don't know why but decided to swallow it instead of spitting it out. Now I don't know if it stuck in my throat or did it went down. Now I ...
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Swallowing mucus gaves me sore throat?

I have had a common cold for a week. I had lot of mucus (or phlegm, I don't know what the correct term is) in my nose. My throat was ok back then. Yesterday before sleeping I couldn't avoid swallowing ...
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Is it bad to swallow the toothpaste after brushing?

If you brush teeth in bed, then once finished swallow the leftover toothpaste before falling asleep, is this bad over a long period of time? I'm specifically asking about the health effects to the ...
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how it's better to drink water, fast or slowly?

I usually drink water by small slips and I read that it's the best way to do this, for example: First off, sit down to drink (just as you should sit down to eat). Take sips, not full-glass ...
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Why does it hurt to accidentally gulp air while drinking water?

Sometimes when I'm chugging water, I accidentally swallow a big gulp of air. It's extremely painful. As I understand it, water is less compressible than air and people inadvertently swallow air ...
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