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1 answer

CO2 buildup versus O2 depletion

If someone is in a sealed room, the available oxygen will be slowly converted to carbon dioxide. The combined concentration of both gasses will remain constant, their relative concentrations starting ...
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2 votes
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Claustrophobia in the Pyramids of Giza: Does height play a role in who is more likely to suffer from Claustrophobia?

I'm an archaeologist, but I am not the Indiana Jones type (tall and brawny) -- but rather, a very petite female (4'9" to be precise). One might say, that I lack the muscle tone and strength to do all ...
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Covering head while sleeping?

I cover my head with covers while sleeping. I find difficult to sleep without doing it, I feel like there is not enought dark (thought all lighs are turned off and it's really dark) and I simply ...
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