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Is stress linked to ulcers? What causes ulcers -- let alone bleeding ulcers?

People are always telling me to stop stressing so much otherwise I'll develop ulcers, and it seems to me, that for a long time stress was often associated with the development of ulcers. But I believe ...
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control anger with persons [closed]

I am human,I have feelings and I can't overcome my anger alone.I have anger in my mind with some persons who went(and maybe will) and make bad things to me. I didn't do anything yet. I don't know If ...
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What is a better treatment combinet with omega 3 , for improoving studying performance and reducing anxiety?

I'm using omega 3 currently and I want to add another supplement. I'm thinking about using another supplement and undecided between Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea . This webpage shows that ...
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How to prevent teeth-grinding at night & TMJ (Jaw) pain? Mouth-guard causes dry-mouth & restless sleep. Alternative treatments? [closed]

I've always been an insomniac. However, I haven't always been a teeth-grinder. This is a recent development in the last 5 or years of so. It's so bad that someone sleeping across the room can hear me ...
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