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Physiologic basis behind increased survival with double coverage for community acquired pneumonia

Double coverage (generally cephalosporin + macrolide) is currently the recommended treatment for patients hospitalised with community acquired pneumonia (CAP) [1]. This seems mainly to be due to ...
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How exact do I need to be for Penicillin every 12 hours?

I have strep group A. My doctor gave me Penicillin V Potassium 500 MG to take once every 12 hours. It's 3 pm in my time zone, which means the next dose would be 3 AM. Does it make sense to take the ...
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What disease/s killed Mozart? Or was it poison? [closed]

Have scholars since determined Mozart's cause of death? I know that there has been a swirl of mystery surrounding his death and for quite sometime poisoning by certain communities was blamed as the ...
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