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Dealing with triangle puncture wounds

In that picture it mentions how triangle wounds are impossible to stitch up. If that is true how would one treat a triangle puncture wound on the human body?
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Can you cauterize a wound with gunpowder?

This question is based off a scene in The Revenant. In it, a character has a deep laceration across their throat which has been hastily stitched up. Upon drinking some water, they find that it ...
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Sutures - do they go through the muscle as well?

A suture is a stitch or row of stitches holding together the edges of a wound or surgical incision. In the case of deeper cuts, for example, a cut on the back of the thigh, an inch deep and long from ...
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Emergency Field Amputation in a Last Resort Scenario

How would it go down to give the victim the best chance of surviving if it was absolutely necessary to perform an amputation in the field. I have read multiple articles that say that cauterizing is ...
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That famous Vivien Thomas suture - what was it?

Does anyone know what sort of stitch Vivien Thomas used that prompted the remark from Blalock, "this looks like something the Lord made?" How closely does the modern atrial septectomy resemble Vivien ...
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Had a skin biopsy of a suspicious mole (10 stitches) -- how to prevent ugly scar-tissue from forming? Make scar less noticeable?

Recently, I had a suspicious mole removed (skin biopsy) to be tested for melanoma (I've had a few of this nature), but this one was quite deep and large, and required 10 stitches. How to prevent a big ...
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