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How does cold water sterilizing work

I am trying to find a description of how the milton method works, but can't find a description online. It doesn't require rinsing after, does the chemical break down after?
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1 answer

Effectiveness of chlorine dioxide in fighting COVID-19

How effective would dissolving chlorine dioxide tablets in a bucket of water be for sterilizing a room from the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Would the vapors be enough?
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1 vote
0 answers

What is the proper type of UV rays for COVID-19 sterilization?

I have seen this device which is used for medical sterilization: I like to know proper type of UV light for Covid-19, and seen this posts: UV light covers a wavelength spectrum from 100 to 380 nm ...
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What sort of filter material self sterilizes?

I am working on a self-inspired project to design a cheap mask for my community. So far the problem with the common masks is that they just stop a percentage of materials (droplets) to get in but it ...
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