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Vitamin B3 and staph

In 2015, researchers found that vitamin B3 might help aid in fighting staph bacteria. Has there been any progress on this since then?
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It is possible to kill staph. aureus in tonsils with antibiotics or citricidal? [closed]

It is possible to kill staph. aureus in tonsils with antibiotics? Because i ve heard that it just disappear for few days or weeks. But on the other hand i heard some people heal it with citricidal. ...
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How long can you take tetracycline in the treatment of acne?

I received a prescription on unidox solutab against staphylococcus. I've been taking this drug for 4 months and everything looked fine, acne disappeared 3 months ago. Now akne started to appear again ...
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Swab tests reveals I have a staph infection. Can it tell if it's MRSA? Or is that a different test? If so, can that distinguish HA-MRSA & C-MRSA?

I had a blistered rash that kept spreading so my doctor took a swab to see if there was any kind of bacterial cultures present. The results came back today -- I am positive for a staph infection. ...
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