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What is going on in a sprain and how do sprains heal?

What exactly is a sprain and how do they heal? How can we make them heal faster? Google has only sent me links to dealing with injuries not understanding how they heal. The distinction between a ...
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What causes body temperature to rise drastically after being injured?

I recently changed companies and started using a train for transport. In that time, I've sprained my ankle twice because of all the dreaded stairs at the train stations. Each time this happened, my ...
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Ice vs Massage for swelling

I recently sprained my ankle causing impressive/alarming swelling. Dispite the swelling it was not significantly painful i.e I could bear weight with out problem and had reasonable movement without ...
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Exercises for strained knee? [closed]

I am only 18 and I have injured my knee by doing squats. I have stopped them, I went to my doctor and he checked my x rays and said everything is normal. He did tell me that I have strained my knee ...
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What's the difference between a maisonneuve fracture and a Weber C fracture?

I feel like they're the same thing. Sprained syndesmotic ligaments, sprained deltoid and fractured fibula. So why is the maisonneuve fracture its own thing?
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