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Questions tagged [spinal-cord-compression]

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Can dermatomal problems possibly indicate other medical conditions?

I have been reading up about dermatomes and it got me wondering if dermatomal issues can indicate potential problems further into the body than the dermis? For a couple of examples, can say one of T1 ...
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Can lumbar/sacral/thoracic spinal injury cause migraines?

I heard of a case where someone suffered severe migraines after a lumbar puncture. There are two possible explanations. Firstly, the low CSF [cerebrospinal fluid] volume depletes the cushion of fluid ...
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Is there an MRI proof of regenerated human intervertebral disc in the spine?

I have read lots of research reports, surveyed Regenexx, Mesoblast, even seen MRI proof of disc regeneration in animals. However I have yet to see a study where over 20 people benefited (Regenexx does ...
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