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General Population Low Vitamin D Levels

In the answer to Is it advisable to wear UV protected swimsuit that covers arms and legs for skin protection to an outdoor swimming pool? by @Anko, it was stated that you can get enough vitamin D from ...
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How long is zinc sun block effective?

I am using "Eucerin Daily Protection, face lotion SPF 30" with zinc. The label says it is effective for 24 hours of moisturization. But does not say how long the SPF is good for. I realize that zinc ...
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Physical sunscreen high SPF vs high active ingredient percentage

I'm looking at two products: Product A contains active ingredients Zinc Oxide at 9.0%, and Titanium Dioxide at 7.0% for 113g. It has SPF 45. Product B contains an active ingredient Zinc Oxide at 20% ...
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Relationship between UPF/SPF and reduction in UV damage

I'm trying to untangle the relationship between the UPF/SPF rating of clothing or sunscreen and its effectiveness at reducing health risks from exposure to sunlight. The first complication is that a ...