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Are there side effects of listening to binaural sounds? [closed]

I have started listening to binaural sounds (left side wave of 89.75hz, right side wave of 85.25hz) for meditation every day for 10 to 15 mins in morning. I feel calm, relaxed and focused after that. ...
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Misophonia and autism

I would like to know, is there an area of overlap between misophonia and autism? Because I have heard autistic people are sensitive to specific sounds in absence of love and cover their ears. How ...
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What is the effect of sound frequency on hearing?

We all know that humans can tolerate lower frequencies at high volumes better than higher frequencies. In fact, for particularly low frequencies, high SPL is needed just for it to be audible. What’s ...
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Music/Sounds sound different after a night out

I'm wondering what's causing the following issue: After a night out to the club (where music is loud) and getting drunk with friends it seems the next day when I wake up that sounds that I know (for ...
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Why do nails on a chalkboard physically make us cringe?

Because the ossicles in my ears are fused, I'm profoundly hearing impaired and don't quite understand the complaints of those suffering from misophonia or hyperacusis because I think it's a miracle to ...
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Which deteriorates hearing faster; treble or bass?

I heard that over use, the ear drums become less effective, but my hearing is bad. To reduce further damage, should I turn down the treble or bass?
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Non-ionizing sound waves

The Mayo Clinic website specifies that "Diagnostic medical sonographers and vascular technologists use nonionizing, high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to diagnose, treat and prevent medical ...
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