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Does wrapping hot towel in neck to get rid of sore throat and cold? [closed]

I really interested to know if wrapping a hot towel in neck will help to get rid of sore throat quickly? if yes, then why ?
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By what mechanism does drinking liquids reduce the symptoms of a sore throat?

I've heard theories such as washing away particles, soothing membranes, and enhanced circulation, but haven't seen (or looked for) any scientific papers.
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1 vote
0 answers

Are marshmallows an effective remedy for sore throats?

Over the weekend, I developed an intense sore throat, (it may well be strep throat -- results are pending). Anyway, I've been looking for any and all means to help ease the pain, and my boyfriend came ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Does gargling Hydrogen Peroxide or Listerine help combat cold/flu?

More specifically, does gargling help prevent sickness when a person feels the early-stages of being sick? (That slight feeling of rawness in one's throat, for example, or a light, abnormal fatigue). ...
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I've suddenly lost my voice (aphonia) due to illness (laryngitis?) -- how to get it back fast?! Speaking to a 1,000 ppl in 2 days. Eeek

I'm presenting at the most important academic conference of my entire career thus far in 2 days (presenting research to literally 900-1000 people), and as luck would have it my voice has suddenly ...
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Swallowing mucus gaves me sore throat?

I have had a common cold for a week. I had lot of mucus (or phlegm, I don't know what the correct term is) in my nose. My throat was ok back then. Yesterday before sleeping I couldn't avoid swallowing ...
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