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Drug to prevent sexual desire?

Is there a drug to decrease sexual desire or prevent it? Are there therapies to eliminate the habit of frequent masturbation, if one were to want to postpone sexual behaviors until a future ...
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Is it safe to cease masturbation for good?

Can males safely cease masturbation if they so desire, assuming the person isn't sexually active?
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12 votes
2 answers

Effects of masturbation on Health

I have heard that there can be adverse effects from masturbation, such as difficulties with having children and/or decreased sex drive. Can masturbating actually decrease my fertility or sex drive?
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Is Porn-Creep a medical condition? Addiction to pornography (for men) correlate to erectile dysfunction?

Is Porn-Creep a medical condition? We all know that pornography can be highly addictive and can in many circumstances ruin relationships. Does it correlate to erectile dysfunction for men and/or an ...
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How to secrete more pheromones while in the presence of the opposite sex?

How to secrete more pheromones while in the presence of the opposite sex? I know that those of us who have gone through puberty secret a sexual pheromone that supposedly "attracts" the other ...
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