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For best hygiene, should we use hard block/bar soap or bottled soft soap?

The accepted answer in When is hand sanitizer appropriate/sufficient in place of warm water and soap? mentions that you should avoid bar soap yet the link provided no longer says this. I have heard ...
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Are soap-free cleansers effective against COVID-19

It is recommended to regularly wash hands with soap to slow the spread of COVID-19. However regularly washing with soap can be harmful to the skin. Soap-free cleansers such as QV Wash are frequently ...
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Using body soap on hair [closed]

I'm asking from my boyfriend: Since my childhood, I'm used to use solid body soap when washing my hair in addition to shampoo. I have oily hair and soap can clean it better than a shampoo. Recently ...
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How can one product work both as a skin moisturizer and a soap?

The pharmacist gave me this cream for treating dry/dead skin on fingertips, and she also added that I can use it as a soap as well! The manufacturer also confirms this. Normally, you don’t apply soap ...
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Can caffeine be absorbed through the skin? Specifically, do caffeinated soaps boost energy?

I had no idea that caffeinated soap existed! (You really do learn something new everyday)! So apparently these caffeinated soaps are on the market, but are they really all that effective in boosting ...
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Washing the ear?

I'm 21 and I've never had earwax problems until about a year ago. In the past month, I've had what I believe to be ear infections (or maybe just hardened earwax) in one ear and then 2 weeks later, ...
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Are beauty soaps effective against germs?

I don't have much knowledge about the ingredients of soap and the differences between composition of beauty and anti-bacterial soaps. I want to know, are beauty soaps effective against germs like anti-...
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Is using SAStid soap good for eczema skin?

I have eczema, and after knowing that I'm addicted to steroid drug, I decide to withdraw it and have many symptoms after discontinue using steroids, including flaking skin, irritated, infected, or ...
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How does body wash for dry itchy skin work?

Normal bodywashes remove the oils on skin that make it's dry. However, there is kind of body wash that specify for dry skin. I use them and they indeed make me feel less dry, however it's burning when ...
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