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What causes smelly feet?

I suffer from smelly feet, which is very annoying particularly because I am in a new relationship. I have tried many OTC/home remedies to prevent this, but this doesn't really help. According to this ...
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Healthy practices: Bad smell in water bottle

I have this habit of having a water of bottle near me when I go to sleep. Not a while ago I used a plastic bottle for that - I refilled it each day or two. I read somewhere that plastic encourages ...
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Can a headache be caused solely by a smell?

I've bought some air fresheners a while back, and since then I get migraine attacks more often. I didn't fully realize that it might be the cause for my headaches, until I didn't use it for a week and ...
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How accurate are dogs to detect whether a human has COVID-19?

I read on Medical detection dogs able to sniff 750 people an hour could help identify coronavirus ...
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What are non-specific somatic sensory receptors in the nasal mucosa?

I am reading Oral Medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment by Greenberg and Glick, Chapter 2 - Evaluation Of The Dental Patient: Diagnosis and Medical Risk Assessment. Under Cranial Nerve Examination, ...
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Bad Breath Problem

I saw a similar question like this on here but I don't think there was a solid answer. I have a terrible problem where I have bad breath all day especially in the morning but I don't know how to stop ...
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Did those who lose smell due to covid regain it after all?

We know people for example can lose taste or smell due to covid, some have this even for months, but is there data if people eventually do get this senses back or not?
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Can hyperosmiacs (people w/super sonic smell) smell pheromones? How powerful is their sense of smell?

Can hyperosmiacs (people w/super sonic smell) smell pheromones? How powerful is their sense of smell? Is there a chart that shows the degree to which they smell things in comparison to the rest of us?...
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Why are taste and smell (and hearing a song from the 90's) such potent triggers for nostolgia? Benefits and Negatives of nostologia?

We've all experienced it, where we get a waft of some odor (whether pleasant or not), or bite into a long lost taste, or hear an old tune, see some forgotton photographs, (but emphasis on the taste ...
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Is the ability to smell a VOC a good measure for whether a respirator is effective or not?

Respirators are used to filter volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air, such as paint and solvents. Is the threshold for these VOCs damaging you the same as your threshold for being able to ...
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