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Ways to lessen or prevent episodes of sleep walking

I am currently on medication to dampen my sleep walking. The medication is amitriptilyne, but lately it seems to be having no effect. For the past few weeks I have been getting up at around 3am for ...
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Actions During Sleepwalking

I am a high school student doing a biomedical engineering project about sleepwalking. For my project, I am prototyping a novel healthcare solution to prevent lengthened periods of sleepwalking in ...
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Is it possible to induce sleepwalking?

I read that lucid dreaming is able to be instigated under the right conditions and motivations. Is the same true for sleepwalking, although it is more of a condition?
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Is there a mental disorder that causes people to do things in their sleep?

As the title says, what can cause high amounts of activity during one's sleep? Activity like: switching on lights, and walking around outside.
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